Originally a project for commission to compose a work for Four Winds Festival "Visiting Eucalyptus" has now expanded to include the ongoing exploration of trees and the Australian landscape by composer and media artist Damian Barbeler. This site then if for sharing new, photos, reflections, discussion and other information about Eucalyptus encounters.


Click on the thumbnails above to learn about the Eucalyptus visits that went into making the various artworks...

Created with the assistance of Cliff Wallis and Sayaka Mihara, with James Crabb and the Four Winds Easter Festival.

Live Stream Visits COMING SOON - July 2020

Acknowledgement of Country

We would like to acknowledge and pay respect to the past and present traditional, first nation Elders and peoples of Australia. They are the true custodians of this country and we celebrate and cherish their ancient and continuing creative and spiritual engagement with this land.

We are grateful to those indigenous people of various nations on mainland Australia and the Torres Strait Islands who have warmly and kindly shared their insights on various projects over the years. We are mindful of the custodianship of the traditional owners of the past and present of the different lands we travel through for this work. We are conscious of what a special thing it is to be helped into a deeper understanding of the Australian landscape.

© 2018 By Damian Barbeler and Tim Jetis