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Old Grandee

November 20, 2017

This tree is more than 400 years old!  The Grandis is a Flooded Gum, one of the tallest Eucalypts and indeed this one is claimed as the tallest tree in NSW. When I was there with my daughter Maggie I felt like I was in a prehistoric jungle. The tree has all sorts of imperfections where you can see that bits have broken off it and healed. You can see the 400 years of history in the bumps, breaks and scrapes. One thing is for sure it is boss in that jungle, towering over all other plants.


Another tourist arrived while I was there...  "I Liked it when there wasn't this viewing platform and you could go right up to it and touch it. People would carve their names in it."  I only half agree with this sentiment.

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Can you identify a Eucalyptus you see here? Leave a comment with your next best guess!

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