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Impossible Gum

November 20, 2017

What can one say about the Rainbow Eucalypt but "Wow". And it's weird that even though it is not really a native tree of Australia, living as it does in more tropical climates, I can't help but claim it like a long lost relative who has emigrated overseas. You can find many pictures of this tree online, most of which are photoshopped to make the colours more saturated. I promise this image has not been processed and the colours are still awesome.

Bark like Paint Strokes

November 20, 2017

The Rainbow Gum bark reminded me of paint strokes. And they are distributed up the trunk in a kind of painterly-like distribution of colour range and placement. It must be these patterns in nature which we are trying to emulate in our abstract art.

Paint Strokes as Musical Inspiration

November 05, 2017

With the Rainbow Gum bark looking like paint strokes I thought there might be a way to represent this in sound. I composed a 'musical forest' in the concert work. In this section each instrument plays a different rises series of notes, as if painting the length of the trunk in brief separate dabs.

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