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Can you identify a Eucalyptus you see here? Leave a comment with your next best guess!

A Mysterious Language

November 20, 2017

The Scribbly Gum is undeniably evocative and mysterious. In Murray Bail's book Eucalyptus he relates the scribbly gum to the writing of the father, who writes "Nothing is One" in a number of places in his notebook. The phrase nothing is one is clever. In it Bail capture the essence of the Eucalypt genus, that is, it is a single family of trees and yet they are so diverse in all ways. This is in fact a reflection of a principle in nature, that of see-similarity. This is the idea that things repeat with change. Eucalypts repeat with a hell-of-a-lot of change though.

Diversity in One Part of One Tree

November 05, 2017

All the pics here (including the gallery) are of a single 360 collar of a single tree. My imagination is barely able to believe such a fantastical range of textures and colours can exist on the same tree. I especially like the combination of yellow, red and PINK! But then we have the dark grey woody spots where the tree has had a wound.

Featured Bark Panorama

November 05, 2017

This tree was so amazing that I made it one of the largest bark panorama works in our photographic installation. I took about 70 photos around this tree to make the final image. The high resolution detail of the photographic is larger than real life. And this single view of the circumference is a unique perspective usually impossible. Tim noted that Cubism did the same thing. It's simple a way of bringing a new perspective to the subject matter to re-open the eyes of the viewer to something familiar. Surrealists did something similar.

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