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There are so many Eucalypts on this page that we can't IdentifyName all of them in comments below and we will let you marry one of our daughters!

Tim's Vivit to Roselle (Sydney)

January 01, 2020

More anthropomorphic details and shapes. All the tress as they grow together accommodate each other to intertwined and fit the space. the curve and twist for no apparent reason but are mindful of each others space. If you observe them as a clump of trees, they kind of fill the space with equal proportion and allowance for each other. They never get too close….each with their own marks and scars, each leaving a pile of abandoned skin.

TIm's Visit to Byron Bay

December 31, 2017

The trip has revealed a warmer and more lush bush. Trees full of overflowing sap and a very different smell to the south, far more wet and dirty. The trees were familiar  but a beautiful fibrous bark did grab my attention. Potted marks on the trunks, layered reed like skins. these trees became more familiar and interesting in their small details, revealing this rich underlaying life.

Tim's Visit to Turon Gates

September 01, 2017

During the winter trip to Ruron Gates, Western NSW, camping by a dry river bed flanked by eucalyptus trees and all there surrounding undergrowth. Dead trees full of intricate pattern and textures next to silvery ferns, the shapes of which began to replicate and reappear. 


Trying to find a way into this project that captures the essence of these ubiquitous trees, and combing for details which i hope reveal glimpse of a language that can translate into visual work. Not sure yet.


The drawing which subsequently came out of that trip translated well using graphite and a limited colour pallet pencil drawing. 


The circular kept appearing and the rhythm of this has started to become and key to the thinking. Using  the macro to observe the small mosses and auxiliary plants, feeding of the trees. Lots of recurring, repeated patterns and language. The circular drawings picked this up and played again with the echoing form. 


The hills covered in the trees also have a pattern, dark and light, dark and light, which translated into the drawings of a row of lines. Variety through repetition. Finding the common relationship. 

Just Beautiful

November 20, 2017

A lot of people have been telling us how certain trees are no longer considered Eucalypts. And they are right. But damn it!  This is a poetic exercise and if I can't have the Smooth Barked Apple and Spotted Gum in this venture then I shall be very upset. I mean to say...  look at this amazing bark...  If this doesn't say "celebrate our natural diversity" then I don't know what does. This picture was taken in the Brisbane Botanical Gardens. There is an Australian Native Trees section which has a bunch of great Eucalypts, Corymbias and Angophoras. Even better, considering how hard Eucalypts can be to identify there being more than 700 of them, these trees had labels so I knew what they were without taking nut, leaf and bark samples :-)

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