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project History

Visiting Eucalyptus is an art project designed by Damian Barbeler and Tim Jetis. The idea was to go out and visit diverse eucalyptus trees as inspiration for an photographic art installation, a book and finally a classical art music piece.

For more than six months Damian and Tim visited trees around NSW, in Queensland, Tasmania and even Hawaii. The trees they met were as diverse as the geographical environments. From the Spotted Gum to the Rainbow Gum, the Monkey Gum to the Flooded Gum, they found a staggering diversity in texture, colour, shape and even smell in the trees of this most iconic of Australian genuses.

As they continued on this multi-art en plain air experience, various sounds and shapes began to emerge in their imaginations. These ideas became the foundation for three artworks, a point of arrival and public sharing of these discoveries.

this Website

This site has been designed to give our audience a behind the scenes look at the journey that went into making Visiting Eucalyptus. It is also a means to share the various photos, writing and other materials which were created along the way. Readers are encouraged to contribute their knowledge also...  If you can identify a tree that we can't, then please do share in the comments areas provided.


Damian and Tim

March 2018

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