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Can you identify a Eucalyptus you see here? Leave a comment with your next best guess!

The Concert Work

March 31, 2018

Visiting Eucalyptus, the concert music work, will be premiered on April 1 as part of the Four Winds Easter Festival 2018. The work is for 10 players spanning a wide range of instruments and some of Australia's top performers plus visiting artists.

The piece will be performed in the outdoor Sound Shell amongst the gum trees, 5 mins sound of Bermagui on the far SE coast of NSW.

The work's structure is a series of musical forests, that is, different ways that I have devised of creating forest like sound worlds. Interspersed with these are moments of high emotion celebrating Eucalypts.

And there is one more element to mention. In creating the work I made up my own fairy tale story about Eucalyptus (inspired by Murray Bail's book). It;s. secret what that story is but it does end with a person in a Eucalypt forest at dawn with the colours and textures somehow magically animated to create a Magic Realism, super saturated, hyper-real world.


The Installation

March 08, 2018

In the month before the Festival premiere there is a photographic installation in a popup shop in Lamont Street, Bermagui, courtesy of Sheelagh Davey, Lyle Davey and Marien Stark.


The idea is that audience members can go and see the inspiration behind the musical work. There is even a music video with some snippets of main musical themes from the concert work.

Thanks very much to Sheelagh, Lye and Marien for the use of their beautiful, clean space. It is the perfect spot for quiet reflection of the various contrasting examples of the bark panoramas.

If anyone wants one of these panoramas please contact me. We are doing a short print run of these in different sizes.

The Book

March 25, 2018

We made a book also. Tim has taken some of the choicest images plus scans from our sketch books and his own artistic tree related renderings and made a book which is part reflection on trees and part exegesis on our creative process. The book is released on Monday 26th. It can be purchased online at:

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